Memento Mori… Or, The Importance Of Thinking On Death

Another great post from a blog I follow. As I often post on here about this topic, especially our society’s ungealthy attitude towards death and dying….

We're All Mad Inhere

Does this offend your sensibilities?

Lately I read an article in my local paper about how a butcher’s display window had started to garner protest, as the villagers found the hanging carcasses and skinned animals in it distasteful. I didn’t know if I had to be amused or worried.

Another incident was on Facebook, where a girl offered a coffin for sale, in “mint condition with only slight wear from repeated use”. Apparently she had gotten it from her parents, who were performance artists. The reactions on it were incredible; people called this girl without empathy and morals, they literally cursed her to hell, said she had no respect for anyone’s feelings… Only because she was using a public forum to sell a theatrical decor piece (it was a real coffin, but still) related to death.

Or this?

We are humans. We live. We die. We rot and decay. That is simply the way of things. It…

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