Yesterday, Dali Tarot

I got the King of Wands. I don’t have it with me here in the office. Rey de Bastos. I took a blurry photo. The Dali cards are cool. The commentary book, not written by him, is weird. There is a German translation below the English. Anyway, The King is on a throne but looks androgynous. There’s a weird furry salamander on the bottom.

I did not really feel much about this card, except I was pretty sure Rey is king in Spanish. I know a little Spanish from French, high school 5 years of Latin, and medium Italian; I would like to speak it fluently but there is no time to do anything extra; I already abandoned my comic strip on 4/26. I hope to pick it up soon but at least I am working out daily, and this is Day 8 of no refined sugar and trying to eat healthy.

The king and animal remind me of the show Dark Materials, which I started watching a while ago but didn’t get far with. It’s very original but sort of fantasy style, not usually my thing, but I’ll watch Ruth Wilson in anything, which is why I got trapped into 7 Seasons of “The Affair”. After that “realistic” one, maybe I’m ready for Dark Materials. I saw an interview with the actor who plays Cole who was talking about the weirdness of people watching The Affair with their monogamous partners and knowing people who watch it separately and then talk about it. He said he couldn’t watch it with his partner.

B and I watched the whole thing together. At one point I was watching it because I thought he wanted to keep doing it, and he was watching it because he thought I wanted to watch it, so that’s our romantic story about it. I guess people when it came out thought it was full of uncomfortable issues around marriage/long monogamous relationships, and that the show might make couples start questioning their own relationship.

We enjoyed watching it toghether because we’re weird. We did it for Ruth Wilson in it. Mostly he talked about the bad writing. I complained at first about the women not having any passion or ambition. Having a store to keep yourself busy is kind of a yucky old fashioned rich couple thing, but he’s an unsuccessful writer, so they get their money from her parents. Critiquing it and complaining about it was fun. It didn’t make me wonder about having affairs or questioning my life in some mirror image of the show.

I’ve already identified my conflict around NYC, but I hate when female characters are just existing and looking for a man to save them. Anyway Ruth Wilson’s character is interesting since she has big PTSD from her son dying. That’s what makes it interesting. It’s almost disgusting that this guy comes into town with his rich wife and 4 children to the diner she waitresses at. He might as well have 6 kids. It seems extra disgusting that he’s having the affair, as it’s not just cheating on his wife but sort of his kids whom he doesn’t hang out with all summer. The plethora of family versus the two floating tragic broken parents, the young couple with the dead 4 year old is what makes it interesting. I didn’t identify with anyone on the show. It was a soap opera and definitely a fun partner things to watch. The sex scenes were awful, gratuitious and boring, almost completely “missionary position” for many of them. So much for an affair.

The most interesting sex is the first sex in it; the guy comes by Ruth’s house and her husband has thrown her against the car and they’re having sex. He watches them. Then they have sex again. That couple is not the typical couple that has no sex and needs affairs. The Ruth character even knows that she’s having sex constantly because of her trauma. The same wiht the affair.

Anyway, what does this have to do with the king of wands? I guess after watching a torturous amount of episodes and all the seasons, it’s still on my mind. No wonder I’m watching Ink Master tattoo maker’s reality tv with my kid now. It’s a palette cleanser.

Anyway from what I gather, it’s about motivating power, the salamander is death of the human will. Ordeals of Fire.

Maybe this trying to eat well and get off refined sugar is my ordeal of fire. It’s now the day after, a new card, and I’ve caved and had a peice of cake from the evil Billy’s bakery down the street. That’s my cheating- not an affair, cheating on the meal plan and eating cake.

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