January 5, 2021

Today my dad turned 90. I wish I could have spent the day with him. We saw him and my mom this weekend.

I try not to talk about personal stuff regarding family members to keep their privacy. It feels too uncomfortable to write about anyone that close except my child, and that is mostly about my experiences with her and not too much about her.

Anyway I’m too tired to write much. I’m sad that my dad can’t have a party. He likes celebrating not just his birthdays but us. He really wanted to give me a 50th birthday party but I couldn’t do it. I wish I had. There was no COVID and he would have been happy. I love my dad so much. I’m grateful to have such a sweet, generous, loving caring father who would do anything for me.

His life is fascinating. 90 years ago he was born in Japan, stateless even though his parents were Russian.

Luckily his heritage and origin story is in his book as I wouldn’t be able to explain it. He went to Hiroshima in October 1945 around age 14.

Here’s a link to an interview about his book: https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2018/03/22/isaac-shapiro-japan-world-war-ii

A great start to the new year is reading and talking to M about books. I just finished a book she wanted to read, The Truth about Jellyfish. It’s terribly sad but I could really understand the way you could spend a huge chunk of time trying to figure out why your best friend died. The girl is only 12, so it’s of course much different.

Anyway my goal is to read 57 books this year. M changed from 51 to 57. I always liked that number. It’s also prime. I wonder if I could read that many books..,


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